My name is Povilas Gavorka.
I was born in 1983, in the small town of Joniskis, in the north of Lithuania. I have loved drawing for as long as I can remember.
I received my BA degree in Vilnius Academy Of Arts 2008, specialising in traditional graphic art and illustration. I later worked in the video game and advertising industries in Japan and Canada, where I got digital software knowledge. I currently live and work in Vilnius.
Forests, the humanity, underground, cosmos and bizarre things always give me inspiration. Various strange visions often come my mind. Are they the crystals of everyday experiences and emotions, or maybe they are from some higher dimension? Anyway, what else can I do except to be grateful and enjoy turning these concepts into matter in the most graceful way. I believe, that is my purpose and duty.
I was once asked what I would be doing if I could chose anything I want. I knew the answer right away – I would create alternative worlds with different orders and inventing new forms of life. Could you imagine a bigger form of freedom?